Free Burrito

I'll buy you a burrito if you're an entrepreneur, hacker, engineer, or anyone struggling for their dream in San Francisco, CA. I want to help feed you, and talk to you about your project. I'm paying for this out of my own pocket. No strings attached.


A real EFFIN mission burrito from La Cumbre.


I was in the same boat once. I'll probably be in the same boat again. Hopefully people will pay this forward and make our community a little bit better.


My name is Dan Gailey. I organize the San Francisco Hacker News group with the help of some friends. We also host our own show on technology called Techendo. I mainly try and build apps people use, but I've done some other things. I've founded a couple of companies, raised some money, and even worked for venture capital firms. Currently I'm working on my own projects with a fantastic group of people on IRC (#Techendo - Freenode)


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What are you working on?

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